A Tale

JANUARY 15 - FEBRUARY 15, 2014    


Supported by Fondazione CRT and curated by Danilo Eccher, director of Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Torino (GAM), this exhibition compares the work of artist Max Pellegrini(b. 1945) with that of artist Italo Cremona (1905–1979).

The two painters have much in common. Both come from Turin, a city that appears as a subject in many of their paintings, and both employ styles of figuration that generate dreamlike visions. Their work evokes associations with Surrealism while displaying strong influences from Italian literature and visual culture. The exhibition will feature recent paintings by Pellegrini, most of them never seen publicly before. They show the evolution of his practice towards a delicate symbolism, in which heelegantly combines linear and chromatic styles. At the same time, the large canvases include renderings of objects that recur throughout his oeuvre, from psychedelia to protest,fromthe love of Renaissance art to Postmodernism.Alongside Pellegrini’s works will hang three paintings by Italo Cremona. His work highlights the figurative painting vocabulary of the Piedmont region of Italy, which combines elements of Art Nouveau, the abstraction of Felice Casorati, and the experimentation of the Gruppo dei Sei.

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